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The Sector in Your State

Across the United States, the charitable sector generates incredible impact on both communities and economies. These profiles are snapshot of major statistics about each state’s charitable community. They are designed to give you a broad sense of the scale and diversity of nonprofits, foundations, and charities. Hover over a state for quick stats or click on a state for its full profile.

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What's happening at Independent Sector? Keep up with news about our work, our members, and trends impacting the charitable community.

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Online and in-person, from skills-building to networking to leadership development, there are lots of exciting opportunities to engage with IS.

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Join our Community

From the biggest foundations to local charities, Independent Sector is the only national organization that brings together nonprofits, foundations, and corporations engaged in every kind of charitable endeavor. Learn more about becoming a member.

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In the nonprofit sector, the fiercest champions of excellence may have their say. So may the champions of liberty and justice.

John W. Gardner Founding Chairman Independent Sector


Stay current with important news about public policy issues affecting the charitable sector.


Volunteers are essential to the charitable sector, and it’s not just about dollars and cents. Volunteering can be a measure of passion — and passion is the currency for changing the world.

Still, there are times when you need to put a dollar figure on those volunteer hours, and that’s where our annual index comes in. By calculating state-by-state wage equivalents, we can help you communicate the value of your passionate volunteers.

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