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421 G Women's Shoes Jane Ellie Silver Maryjane UnH1Rxq

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Coworker.org allows you to start, run, and win campaigns to change your workplace. Have an idea for improving your workplace? Start by creating a Coworker.org petition and talking to your coworkers about your campaign. Every day, people are launching and joining campaigns around issues large and small -- from improving an office breakroom to providing paid sick leave to employees. Anything is possible when coworkers join together.
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Coworker.org's Data Labs makes it possible for large groups of employees in a single company or industry to quickly share and aggregate information about what's happening in their jobs and workplaces.

Silver Ellie Women's Jane Shoes Maryjane G 421 Testimonials

Tara Z. Former WeWork employee

"Few people understand the complex legal language included in employment contracts. Through Coworker.org, I had an appropriate platform to notify the public of little known arbitration clauses being included in employment contracts which limit workers rights. My Coworker.org campaign allowed me to contact current and former employees, and to create positive change for workers."

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Rylinda R. Former Comcast employee

"The #MeToo Movement gave me the courage to share what happened to me. I decided to launch a campaign on Coworker.org to address my own experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace. Through my Coworker.org petition, I was able to form a leadership team with women across the country who've experienced similar treatment. We collaborated on a petition delivery, met with elected officials, told our story in the media, and even created special t-shirts to promote our campaign. The fight isn't over, but now I've got a strong group of women to back me up."

Alia T. Bartender

"My coworkers and I created a campaign on Coworker.org to raise wages at our Southern restaurant chain -- and it worked! Customers began asking about our petition, and a local newspaper ran a story about it. The restaurant responded by raising pay. Coworker.org helps employees join together and win change."


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